How To Buy Super NES Classic Edition

super nes classic edition nintendo

Super NES Classic Editionsuper nes classic edition

Giant video game company Nintendo has recently released a revival of their much-beloved game console, the Super Nintendo!

The Super NES Classic Edition is a faithful rendition of the original console that launched in 1991. But the question is, how do you buy the Super NES Classic Edition?

Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a mini version of the Nintendo Entertainment System last year, and the console sold well during the holidays. Would its older brother sell out as well?

How To Buy Super NES Classic Edition

Here’s what you need to consider before going out and looking to get the Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

Do You Have The Money?

The thought of buying one of the greatest game consoles of all time sends goosebumps up your spine. The gaming nostalgia hits you like a ton of bricks. You suddenly remember all those sleepless nights you spent staring at the TV, trying to save Princess Peach.

You’re sure to be pumped up about buying a Super NES Classic Edition. It will be an awesome experience reliving game memories, right?

But wait- first things first. Before you can go out and think about how to buy a Super Nintendo Classic Edition, you’ll need some cash. Without it, the dream of having a Super NES unit will be just that- a dream.

Luckily, Nintendo’s console reincarnation isn’t too expensive. For a low, low price of $79.99 SRP, you’ll own a piece of new history!

Where To Buy Super NES Classic Edition

Next, you will need to know where you can buy the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

Trust me when I say that it will sell like hotcakes come launch time!

So here’s what you can do- go to any of these stores


uper-nes-classic-edition-best buy


super-nes-classic-edition-GamaStop shop

Toys R Us

super-nes-classic-edition-Toys R Us




These are the stores that will be selling the highly anticipated Super NES Classic Edition. Before you go, though, keep in mind that not all of these stores will have unit availability.

Walmart will be offering a limited quantity on their site. The store will sell one Super Nintendo Classic Edition unit per day starting at 2pm EST. They may have some at select retail locations, but it will be best if you’d call before heading out.

GameStop has started pre-orders but these have already sold out. More units are promised come launch time, but you can be sure that it will be gone quickly as well. Nintendo promises to have more units by 2018, so keep posted!

Super NES Classic Edition consoles are sold out on both online and offline fronts. It was said that Target locations had 20 units each, but as you can expect, it got sold out pretty quickly. You’ll find that the online website is lacking the SNES Classic, but listings will soon be restored as the company restocks.

Best Buy had the Nintendo NES Classic Edition during launch day, but alas, it was sold out immediately.

The bottom line is, if you weren’t able to get your hands on a Super NES Classic Edition during launch day, don’t worry. Nintendo promises more units on the way, so you just have to be patient and wait until the time comes that you can play all the Super NES classic games on your HD TV!

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